The Construct

March 14th, 2009 - Isaiah


Current version: Beta 1

The Construct is an achievement map for Team Fortress 2 containing some very unique features. The layout is completely unequal in terms of balance to force teams into particular roles (Blue obtains, Red supports). This keeps the objectives clear and prevents the map from turning into a death match. It also helps keep griefing to a minimum.

Blue players have there own protected spawn room, connected to a portal that transports then to a random location inside the main white area. Red players spawn in the middle of the main area unprotected. This makes it impossible to spawn camp blue, but extremely easy to spawn camp red.


1. Protected Blue spawn
2. Unprotected Red spawn
3. Engineer build zone
4. Hurt zone
5. Health packs
6. Ammo packs
7. Water pool
8. Intelligence briefcase (red & blue with unlimited caps)
9. Instant capture point (get ten caps in one second!)
10. Five second capture point x2
11. Ten second capture point x1
12. Automatic block capture zone in red spawn area.


Discussion:  steam forms

2 Responses

  1. Ash Says:

    Wait. Couldn’t RED just like, I dunno, stand in front of the door with a Demoman, Heavy, Engi (unless func_nobuild has been applied) or something? Spawncamping is inevitable basically. You can’t avoid it. :<

  2. Mork Says:


    been trying get your map to work on our server but failed miserably — it works on clentside “create a server” though.

    if or when you come up with a new version of this map, could you come see us? we’d love to host it if we could… we’ve outgrown our old “nom-nom-nom” V.6 achievement map and we’re on a look out for a fresh map.


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