I can’t trust you with anything

May 25th, 2009 - Isaiah

Valve Honestly.

Now imagine how profound my disappointment, to be called back again so soon to administer justice to the melon-headed few of you who persist in nonsense. I’d just sat down with the two things I enjoy most in life — Team Fortress 2 and a fresh baked cookie — when the latest class update hit (Sniper vs. Spy). I feel like a parent who’s just had a long talk with his child about not leaving the car a mess, only to turn around and discover him now driving it off a cliff.

This time it seems you have created a new random item drop system in order to give everyone items in the most insanely unfair way possible. Coming as a surprise to no one with the ability to retain memories of the recent past, I have taken my ten brand new duplicate items and shoved them up your butt.

Can I trust that this episode has finally taught you a lesson? I should live so long. Having watched how the sorry lot of you comport yourselves in the company and on the blog, I would consider it a small miracle to trust one of you enough to release a bug fix to a jump script exploit without breaking the entire game.

My achievement_idle server awaits.

Sincerely, Disappointed

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  1. Chris Says:

    You can still get old weapons with the milestones. Maybe the will make a mixed system (random + milestones). We will see…

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