I Am Heavy Snoring Guy

August 18th, 2009 - Isaiah


I know I must be reading into things, but I can’t help noticing similarities between my ideas for this snooze mode game enhancement I suggested a while back, and what Valve has done with TF2 since then.

First, at the beginning of the Meet The Spy short, Valve included a button in the control panel next to the soldier, simply titled “sleeping.” Was this a wink to the snooze mode idea?

Now we have a new hat for the heavy that looks strangely similar to my own concept art. Followed by a new cosmetic enhancement to the losing team in the form of new animations displayed in a third person (sandman style) perspective. Is this all just coincidence? Was Valve influenced by my idea? We may never know.

In any case I do believe this losing team enhancement is a fantastic addition to the game’s hilarious atmosphere, and in many ways more useful then my own suggestion. Not that I still wouldn’t like to see sleeping players in the spawn room. Maybe Valve will still add it, and is just waiting to record the snoring audio of all the classes.

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  1. Neal Kenneth Says:

    I love your ideas and you website. We all wish that Valve has listened to us, and sometimes I feel they’ve listened to me as well. That is why I am inviting you to join a collective of gamers (on both the Xbox 360 and PC) that want to create a website designed to help Valve make Team Fortress 3. Are you in?

  2. Jack Says:

    I would love to see Valve do this. And theres a chance they read your idea on this blog. Maybe they will implant it in the next (classes?) update.

  3. MrQ Says:

    Get over yourself. The new hat looks nothing like yours and the third person is so the loosing team could also see the animations.
    Don’t get me wrong the “sleeping” idea is a cool one that I would like to see them implement, but it does not strike any resemblance or similarity to loosing game animations.

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