Team Fortress: The Movie

August 25th, 2009 - Isaiah

After recently watching a few episodes of TANG (This Ain’t No Game,) a show that reviews movies that were based off of video games, with the results almost always being horrific. I couldn’t help wondering what would happen if Valve made a live action film based off of Team Fortress, ruining the franchise forever.

So just to amuse myself, I started to compile a list of ideal actors to play each character from the game. The results however where nothing short of spectacular. It would either be the greatest movie in history of entire world… or the worst roll of film ever to see the light of day. I’ll let you decide.

My choices were made based on real actors, not just people that look the part,(that means you! Stephen Colbert) but ones that could also bring out some of the character. I’ll be revealing my picks in great Valve fashion.  One each day for the next week or so.


Lets start with the most obvious pick of Samuel L. Jackson as everyone’s favorite Scottish cyclops.  Jackson even appears as Nick Fury sporting an eye patch exactly like that of the Demoman’s in the end credits of Iron Man. What more proof do we need?  Stay tuned for day two!

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