Sweet Nothingness In Your Eyes

October 11th, 2009 - Isaiah

You.. Get… Nothing! Just kidding. I’m apparently working in Valve time now. You know, where days really mean weeks and so on. This would explain why I haven’t released my little surprise yet. It is real though, I swear! And it will be worth the wait. The project just got stalled for a while, but it should be done sometime in the next two weeks, so you will be seeing something around then (I pray).

I guess if your actually nice enough to be reading this that you at least deserve a hint as to what it is. All I can say is that it’s my way of saying I’m sorry to Valve for all the bad things I’ve done to them, and their games. So I hope they like it.

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  1. Jake M Says:

    Just so you know, I check your blog every day, and I love everything you post. Can’t wait to see the finished product of cp_spire if you’re still working on it.

  2. Isaiah Says:

    Thanks Jake.

    I’m really trying to find new ways to add more content to the blog more frequently. It’s just really hard for me. I don’t know why. I also want to expand beyond TF2 and into other interesting subjects.

    Maybe if I can find a way to help support my work, with ads and such, I could focus more on turning this blog into a real source of gaming entertainment gold. By “gold” I mean rich source, not rich money. LOL

  3. Isaiah Says:

    Oh, cp_spire is not dead, it’s just extremely crippled at the moment from lack of direction and mappers block. The next version released (cant say when, but I am working on it) will have some very radical changes in it.

  4. Tim Says:

    No comment.

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