Crit or Treat

October 30th, 2009 - Isaiah


Yesterday Valve unveiled the first ever Team Fortress 2 holiday update, featuring the community made map koth_harvest by Heyo, two new hats, five new achievements, and even a special holiday version of the map called koth_harvest_event. Which includes exploding pumpkins and a ghost.

This was actually a nice change for once. First off, instead of having a new update that added hats that most of us would never have the “chance” to enjoy. We received new hats tied to actual in game achievements. They even experimented with new ways to earn hats, by means of dominating other hat wearers. Yes, achievements can be farmed (in unintended ways) but you know what? I don’t give a crap. It’s certainly a step in the right direction anyway.

I also actually think they did some random features correctly this time with the addition of the new special holiday map. The randomly appearing ghost that haunts the map does not (like the train in well) kill you, or even stun you. It only removes your ability to use weapons for a short time. I think this was a lesson learned from the jockey in L4D2.

Think about it, they wanted to create an infected that could take complete control of a survivor, but just imagine how frustrating that would have been for the poor guy being the puppet. So they made it that the survivor still has a little influence on their movement. This makes one feel like they’re still in the game. The same is true with the ghost terror effect in tf2, you cant shoot, but you can at least run like hell.

Other nice touches include health turned into candy and players randomly dropping crit inducing candy! It’s all a lot of random fun, even if it is a little unbalanced, but for the complete Halloween experience I would suggest downloading the awesome custom content listed below.


Son of a bitch, I just missed the second TF2 $2.50 sale (again!) while writing this. I must have the worst timing. I also think Valve is now spying on me through steam because they just dropped a hint to something in my secret project. How did they know that, how!?

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