End of the Tunnel

November 20th, 2009 - Isaiah

So what exactly is this project of mine? Well, originally it was a simple farce in the form of a map idea I came up with, but I loved the joke so much I decided to expand upon it and create a kind of introduction video for it. The map itself has actually been finished for a while now, with work on the machinima the only thing holding up it’s release. It’s taken me a lot longer then I had hope to make, but it’s been a very big learning experience none the less, having never made anything like this before.

The scale of this thing is also ridiculously tiny. You’ll probably wonder what took me so damn long. This is partly because I haven’t been working on it straight through, it’s been done in bits and pieces. So I hope nobody has gotten their hopes up too high for this thing. It’s really not that big.

The good news however is that everything is pretty much done now, I just need to tweak the video and fix a few things here and there, then we should be good to go. It’s been a lot of fun, but at this point I really just want to get this thing over with, so I can take a break and maybe eat some turkey.

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  1. Jake M Says:

    Super excited. Can’t wait!

  2. Tim Says:


  3. chris Says:

    any screenshots you can provide?

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