It’s a Trap!

November 30th, 2009 - Isaiah

From the guy who made your eyes bleed in the blindingly white Achievement Construct comes the greatest map ever made….. not to be played!

Are you sick and tired of watching all your friends idle endlessly in achievement servers? Sweet revenge is closer then you think. Just invite those fools to join a server running this baby, and laugh your ass off as you watch then idle IN HELL! And once they join they can never leave because disconnects are disabled, meaning they get to enjoy eternal idle torment for the rest of their pathetic (steam account) lives. How awesome is that?

Or if you’re one of the condemned (like myself) you can voluntarily submit your sinful soul to the depths of Hades, vowing never to leave, even if Valve forgives you, to show true repentance for your sins.

TONIGHT we idle IN HELL! So I’ll catch you all later at the barbecue.

WARNING: Map does not actually prevent users from disconnecting, but may increase your desire to idle.

Download the map from or

7 Responses

  1. zzwwO Says:

    rawr =D

  2. Anon Says:


  3. Jesse Says:

    It’s a shame no server is running it yet.

  4. noodleboy347 Says:

    This is amazing.

  5. zack ( Says:

    this website sucks, seriously.. its not funny
    you should kill your self

  6. Frothy The FUN-GINEER Says:

    Put the link up there instead. Nobody should have to deal with FPSbanana.

  7. FireSlash Says:

    Daily rank 9th and climbing.

    Now more popular than many valve maps. D:

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