December 27th, 2009 - Isaiah

Don’t Be Nervous Talking 2 Girls

Help is now on the way to millions of lonely gamers everywhere thanks to a new indie game on xbox live called “Don’t Be Nervous Talking 2 Girls”. A kind of female communication simulator for the nerd that has trouble picking up ladies. Check out GexVG’s video review here for the complete low down.

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  1. Whitney Balaban Says:

    Looks like tons of xbox fanatics here, I am a fan also and like to play games… my girl says I play way too much, but man it’s so entertaining. I’ve been playing mw2 and halo for weeks and can’t quit! What would you fellow gamers recommend? Anyhow, looks like a sweet website, is this wordpress? I’ve created a couple pages myself and it’s not easy. Cheers for taking time to writing this up.

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