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January 14th, 2010 - Isaiah

I’m happy to report that achievement_idle_inferno has been a complete success. At the time of this writing it’s ranked ninth on the list of the most popular maps according to TF2stats.net, and it’s continuing to climb even higher.

There are only a few issues at the moment with the map that I think could possibly prevent it from going all the way to number one.

First and most importantly would probably be the performance. Yes, this map was really just designed as a joke, with much less of a focus on actual performance, but I do still care about that element somewhat. I know some will look at this map and decide not to run it because of the feeling it will use more system resources, but how much exactly? I plan on doing some tests in the future to get some actual facts on this aspect so people will understand it better.

Secondly, I want to make it more deathmatch friendly. Originally I went for a small battle arena because I thought this would be more ideal for 1vs1 battles, but I now see that it’s just too spamy. I’m going to enlarge the battle arena some, and possibly add a functioning capture point. This capture point would only be active when players from both sides where inside the battle arena, or when a button on both sides was activated. If you have any other suggestions for the next beta feel free to email me with your ideas at isaiah@n00bicidal.com

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  1. FireSlash Says:

    It’s .net, .com is a completely different site. 🙂

  2. Isaiah Says:

    Damn, I thought I had fixed that. Thanks for pointing it out. It’s correct now. “TF2stats.net”

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