Hats Off

January 17th, 2010 - Isaiah

A few days ago the folks over at the TF2 blog made a post revealing news about a new TF2 contribution site. A place where the community can submit custom created hats and weapons for inclusion in the game. If any such submissions are found to be good enough, they will be included in a future update to the game.

This looks to me like a strategy by Valve to cut down on the amount of work they will need to do for the next and probably last TF2 update. I can see why they would look to the community to create more hats and all. Hats are only cosmetic items after all, and I would rather see Valve work on things that actually matter to me for once in the game. So I’m fine with the hats, as long as we don’t get new ones that are complete crap.

However, the mention of weapons makes me wonder what exactly their goals are here. Are they planning on using some community created weapons for actual new unlock items? I can’t say I’ve seen any custom created content that I think would actually work in the game. Sure, I’ve seen a few high quality ones, but nothing so far that actually fitted into the games art style correctly.

The only thing I know for sure right now is that in any case I would like Valve to add a new client side option to turn custom cosmetic items off, if one so chooses. You can find the petition I created for it over on the steam forms if your interested.

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