Let the magic weave itself!

April 6th, 2010 - Isaiah

The design of the new battle arena in idle inferno beta 3 is basically done. However, I’ve still been trying to decide on how battles will take place and whether to allow a team to win, or just make fighting go on indefinitely. In ether case I think there needs to be some kind of incentive to capture the control point in the middle, even if it will not win the game.

For this I have decided to place intel in the map. The way it works is that once your team captures the control point a small door inside the arena will open containing the enemies intelligence. Simply grab the intel and take it to the control point to capture it and gain ten seconds of 100% crits. This was the only real way I could find to give players a reward through the map, since changing re-spawn times for one team would be pretty much useless.

This setup is also the safest one to do since most players may not like the idea of being able to win a round in an idle map, but having the map restart every once in a while might not be a completely bad thing. It could stop some medics from continuing to heal players against their wishes. However, if I did want to give players the ability to win a round I would also need to make sure it’s only possible when players from both sides are actually fighting. This would of course complicate things even more for me. So I may just leave it the way it is for now.

The only other feature I need to finish is the expanded space on the cliff which will allow players to rocket and sticky jump off as they please. This however means I need to extend the skybox, which will take me a while to do.

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