Stop, drop, and roll

April 11th, 2010 - Isaiah

For better or worse Nintendo’s Wii marked the beginning of a new era in video game interactions that have changed the gaming industry forever. Before it was released I was extremely excited about the possibilities that the Wii was going to bring to gaming, but in the end was very disappointed with the reality of what we ended up with.

Is the Nintendo Wii truly a step forward in video game interactions? I would argue that performing mundane physical motions in a mini game is actually a step backwards. Motion control as it is presented now with consoles like the Wii are primarily about opening up the market to more casual players and less about increasing game immersion. From a marketing standpoint Nintendo has completely succeeded here, but for those gamers that can see all the potential this medium has to offer it’s a big let down.

The playstation move might seem like a shameless rip off, but what else could Sony possibly do? Microsoft’s Natal which was designed to outdo the Wii looks like it will only be making matters worse. I can not see any truly fun ways to use such a motion control system outside of the gimmicky demos Microsoft has shown off, and I can not see it becoming very successful, but what do I know. Maybe jumping around and breaking stuff in your living room is just what the market wants.

2 Responses

  1. Jake M Says:

    They’re in cahoots with the living room stuff makers. That way when you break stuff in ur living room, you have to buy new stuff. Profit!

  2. Isaiah Kelly Says:

    I can just see the headlines now- “Man smashes foot through television and dies while playing a video game” Not that I would actually want anything like that to happen to anyone, but…. talk about the most awesome epic fail ever!

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