Top Greatest Bad Indie Games: Matrix Dude

March 12th, 2012 - Isaiah

While most indie games may be best known for their high production values and multi-million dollar budgets, there are a few exceptions now and again. Most of which are God awful steaming piles of cow dung, but sometimes they manage to be so bad their… good?

If for no other reason Matrix Dude by Dan Egorov deserves mention simply for it’s title screen. Sure, it may not be a perfect depiction of Keanu Reeves, we all know he’s not that good looking, but it does have a wonderful frankenstein-ish charm. This simple platform shooter suffers from mindless enemies, zero level design, and problematic player collision detection, but the music and sound effects are pretty good and that’s really the most important part of any game. If he had thrown in some RPG elements and micro transactions this thing would have been perfect!

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  1. Brownstone Says:

    What? I still have this blog subscribed? LOL

  2. Isaiah Kelly Says:

    What? People still read this thing?!? Don’t leave! 🙂

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