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This did not just happen!

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

Did everyone at Valve just completely lose their minds? These Team Fortress 2 updates have always been about one super important thing and the only thing that makes life worth living. No, I’m not talking about hats, that’s what players can’t live without. I’m talking about what Valve can’t live without – MONEY.

How in Gabe’s name can the TF2 team just change direction right when the money starts pouring in to focus on such ridiculous and unimportant ideas as balancing and improving actual gameplay? Team Fortress 2 isn’t about all that crap. Look, the money is always right, right? And Team Fortress 2 is the greatest hat simulator slash money milking machine the world has ever known. So what exactly is it with all this Beta nonsense? I’m hoping it’s all just a really bad joke.

Gentle manne’s guide to checking the TF2 blog

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

The engineer update is almost upon us and we all know what that means. I think Robert Walken put it best in this email I received from him earlier today.

Here at Valve we’ve created something of a new tradition that we do every time we start trolling TF2 fans with tidbits of information about a major new update. After delaying the daily reveals for as long as humanly possible, to generate maximum site traffic and publicity, we all get together behind Valve headquarters for a good old fashion weenie roast (using hot dogs) over the massive flames coming out of the server computer that hosted the TF2 blog before it’s glorious death by means of a billion fanatical fingers hammering the F5 key until something broke (usually the finger). So if you ever wonder why the blog is taking an eternity to load, now you know. STOP emailing me about it or I will DELETE all your backpack items!

So with that In mind I Just thought I would share with you a few tips & tricks when it comes to checking the blog for updates and hidden pages. First of all, If you don’t already have Firefox go download & install it from the Mozilla website now.

To find hidden pages more easily install the Web Developer add-on for Firefox.  Then after restarting Firefox go up to the newly installed toolbar under the address bar and click on “Information” and then “Display Link Details” in the drop down menu.

This will display a yellow text box next to each link on the page  allowing you to easily see any hidden links.

If you would like to be automatically notified whenever a page is updated simply install the Update Scanner add-on for Firefox. Then restart Firefox again and right click on the page you wish to check for updates on and select “Scan Page For Updates.”

This will bring up an options box where you can adjust different setting.

Then whenever the page is updated you will be notified with a small pop up box and sound effect.

Nobody ever drowned in sweat

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

The engineer class has always been one of my favorites so I just thought I’d list a few of the items I hope will make it into his update. I do know that most of these ideas have probably already been suggested by a dozen people already. Also keep in mind these are just ideas and some of them would need a lot of testing, tweaking, alterations, etc.

Check out my ideas over on the steam forums.

It is a good day to be dirty idler

Monday, April 26th, 2010

So after years of intense brainstorming and field testing Valve has finally come to the incredible realization that randomness doesn’t equal fairness. How amazingly profound. Unfortunately, I and many others had already known this for ever.

The randomness of the system they created was not only unfair, but actually promoted and rewarded bad behavior (idling) more then anything else. Proof of this can be plainly seen in the latest changes to the drop system. The only way Valve could discourage idling was to make the randomness of the drop system almost completely negligible.

Valve’s original dilemma was that once crafting was implemented players would be able to get hats much more quickly then before, so they decreased the drop rate drastically. However, this meant that the chances of getting a drop was so low that only idling for hours would guarantee any kind of real hope. So Valve changed the system to have very little randomness, allowing them to both guarantee item drops for players that don’t idle and limit the amount you can get (so you don’t gain them too quickly). Making a terrible system a little bit fairer for everyone.

All in all I view this as a victory for dirty idlers everywhere. If it wasn’t for the idlers Valve would have probably never changed it. The new system doesn’t discourage idling as much as it makes idling easier so you don’t have to idle as long.

I stopped idling a long while ago because the chances of getting a drop was so very low that only the most hardcore fanatic would be crazy enough to keep their PC running 24/7 for the chance of getting something, but now since idling is so much easier it makes the idea of idling much more attractive. This way you can gain a few items each day and build a hat for those rare occasions when you might come back and play a little.

Let the magic weave itself!

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

The design of the new battle arena in idle inferno beta 3 is basically done. However, I’ve still been trying to decide on how battles will take place and whether to allow a team to win, or just make fighting go on indefinitely. In ether case I think there needs to be some kind of incentive to capture the control point in the middle, even if it will not win the game.

For this I have decided to place intel in the map. The way it works is that once your team captures the control point a small door inside the arena will open containing the enemies intelligence. Simply grab the intel and take it to the control point to capture it and gain ten seconds of 100% crits. This was the only real way I could find to give players a reward through the map, since changing re-spawn times for one team would be pretty much useless.

This setup is also the safest one to do since most players may not like the idea of being able to win a round in an idle map, but having the map restart every once in a while might not be a completely bad thing. It could stop some medics from continuing to heal players against their wishes. However, if I did want to give players the ability to win a round I would also need to make sure it’s only possible when players from both sides are actually fighting. This would of course complicate things even more for me. So I may just leave it the way it is for now.

The only other feature I need to finish is the expanded space on the cliff which will allow players to rocket and sticky jump off as they please. This however means I need to extend the skybox, which will take me a while to do.

Hey Boyos

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

I’ve been trying to continue my work on the maps Spire and Inferno, but as you all know its been going very slow. cp_spire is still going through a complete redesign and is currently in the pre alpha stage. I’ll try to provide some screenshots of it as soon as it becomes intelligible. idle_Inferno is a much easier project, but still somewhat challenging because I’ve decided to open up areas of it that require more work then I would’ve liked, but it should all be worth it in the end.

On top of that I’ve also been working on writing up a suggestion for a new feature in Team Fortress 2 that I think could radically improve the overall player experience. I’ll be posting it over at the steam forums (with a link to it here) when it’s done. I think you’ll find it interesting.

Idler’s Inferno

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

Here is a sneak peek at IcyEyes’ third circle of hell (aka: idle inferno beta 3). This is a screenshot of the new and very roomy padded cell. You know, the kind meant for CRAZY PEOPLE! It will be replacing that good old claustrophobic deathtrap we’ve all come to love.

Know Thy Enemy

Saturday, January 30th, 2010

Here’s the final and I think best poster submission I made into the TF2 propaganda contest. It was my attempt at “demonizing” the enemy, or maybe “demo-nizing” other players.

No Sir!

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

My second submission into the TF2 propaganda contest was much more imitation then inspiration and probably a lot funnier to those familiar with the original poster I was mimicking.

Bloody Brilliant!

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Today I thought I would share with you one of the three posters I made and submitted to the war propaganda poster contest Valve had a while back. Well I unfortunately did not win anything, I still had a ton of fun making them. Each one was inspired by an actual WWII poster. Here’s the first and (I think) least impressive poster from the bunch.

I’m no artist, but I was pretty satisfied with how they turned out in the end. The slogan here is a scottish one I found somewhere. Stay tuned for the other two posters, sometime soon.